Best places to meet single men

Ladies, men are everywhere!  Yet, we seem to always be complaining that all the good men are taken.  That is not the case!  See below some great places to meet single men!

1.)  The Grocery Store

  • We all have to go to the grocery store!  So ladies, dress cute, smile at your target match and have fun with it!

2.)  Happy Hour by yourself!

  • Going by yourself you are more approachable.  Make sure you smile at the man you are interested in and don’t have more than 2 drinks!

3.)  Clubs/Organizations

  • This is a great way to meet men of quality!  They will already have similar interests as you and there will be no awkwardness at first meet and greet!

4.)  Charity Events

  • Marriage material men go to charity events!  Get involved!  You will feel inspired, help others and yourself in the process.

5.)  The Gym

  • If you want to meet a guy who is in shape, go to the gym!  Don’t be one of those annoying girls who is all done up, but don’t look like a slob either!  Most of all look approachable!  Don’t think that it is weird if someone approaches you at the gym.  Be thankful that you are getting approached in the first place!

6.)  Dog Parks

  • Fellow dog lover, meet fellow dog lover!  Lady and the tramp, enough said.

7.)  Happy hour before Sporting Events

  • Going to happy hour before a sporting event is a SURE way to meet men!  It is definitely a sausage fest.  And that is a good thing for you.

8.)  Church/Synagogue

  • If you want to find a man who has similar religious values as you, meeting him at a place of worship is an excellent way to meet!  Plus, you will never have to worry about disagreeing on how your children will be raised…religion wise at least 😉

9.)  Online

  • Everyone is doing it nowadays.  It is a great way to meet new people and get yourself out there!  Just make sure you are careful!  ALWAYS meet in a public place!!!

10.) Through mutual friends

  • Meeting someone through friends is a great way to ensure that the person is not a closet psycho killer.  Also, as the saying goes, birds of a feather flock together.  However, sometimes things can get ugly if you break up and friends are involved, so proceed with caution.

11.) Sporting Goods stores

  • These places are packed with MEN!! Enough said.

12.) Last but NOT least…through a matchmaker like myself 😉


Have fun!!



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