My approach…

I provide counseling in an idyllic and healing environment rather the typical office setting.  I walk with you on your individual journey to mental wellness and healing.  We collaborate together as I believe you intuitively know what is best for you.  I am here to be your co-pilot and assist you while you process your thoughts and feelings so you make decisions that support your higher self.  Counseling is a process and I walk with you, one step at a time. 

I am relational, direct and validating as I believe the majority of our struggles as humans is that we have not felt seen, heard and accepted for who we authentically are.  I will help you gain insight and become more assertive, while allowing you to feel and process your emotions in a healthy and safe environment.  Feelings are not facts but that does not mean they are not valid.  Emotions need to be processed and released in a non judgemental space so they are not stored in your body and released in ways that are detrimental to your soul’s purpose.  The way I counsel is innovative, collaborative and holistic as I believe each person has their own unique path to living their best life.

Counseling with a view…


Outdoors in a beautiful and private picturesque setting of your choice

THERA-CISE = THERA (Therapy) + CISE (Exercise) = leisurely stroll or hike with you

Come to you (provided you have a safe and welcoming space)

Phone / Skype / Facetime