Feng Shui your way to LOVE

I am a big believer in Feng Shui!  If you are not happy with your love life it’s time to Feng Shui your bedroom!  Follow these steps below to the relationship of your dreams:

1.)   DON’T have any photos of single women or men in your bedroom.

  • You can have these in other areas of the house, but in your bedroom you must have photos of couples together if you want to be in a relationship.  Or do not have any photos of couples; just make sure that you do not have photos of any single women or men!

2.)   DON’T have a mirror facing your bed.

  •  If this in unavoidable and already built in, then cover it while you are sleeping.

3.)   DO have 2 night stands.

  • Make sure everything is in order and there is not anything missing.  If you want to attract your soul mate you must have everything in its place!  Balance is KEY!

4.)   DON’T have your bed facing the door or window!

  • All of your chi will go out the window and door and leave you feeling unrested.

5.)   DON’T have a TV in your bedroom, a computer, anything work related or work out equipment.  Less is more!

  • Television creates an unhealthy magnetic field which may disrupt your sleep, strain your relationship with your partner or bring a third party into the bedroom.

6.)   DO have a good headboard on your bed.

  • Make sure that your bed is the biggest piece of furniture in your room.  Preferably made of wood and very solid.  Have your bed easily approachable from both sides. Your head needs good backing, protection and support, just like your back needs it when you are seating in a chair for extended periods of time.

7.)   DO invest in a good mattress!

  • Pretty simple & self-explanatory, yet very important!

8.)   DON’T have anything under your bed.

  • The energy needs to circulate around your body when you sleep, which is not possible if the space underneath the bed is blocked. It will block your flow.

9.)   DO open your bedroom windows and let air flow through.

10.)DO use soft colors for your bedroom so it is a calming and relaxing place.

11.)DON’T have anything hanging over your bed.

  • No ceiling fans or anything dangling

12.)DO put anything LOVE related in the far right square of your bedroom.

  • This is the relationship/romance corner.  Round or oval mirrors, anything pink, pictures of loved ones, paired objects (like two candlesticks or two crystals)

13.)DON’T put fountains or water features in your bedroom.

  • Don’t hang up pictures of water or place an aquarium in your room. These could invite possible financial loss or robbery.

14.)DON’T put plants or flowers in your bedroom.

  • Plants are thought to possess too much yang, which creates too much energy and activity for you to get the rest that you need.

15.)DON’T accumulate clutter

  • The Chi can’t circulate, which means possible disturbances in your intimate life.

16.)DON’T keep too many books in your bedroom

  • You can keep a few books in your room if you read to put yourself to sleep, but too many books can make you feel overwhelmed in the space.

17.)DO light it right.

  • Day light during the day and soft light at night.  Put in a dimmer switch so you can adjust the light.

18.)DO create a place of harmony, peace & love.

  • Put candles, pleasant pictures, anything that represents love and relaxation.

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