Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine’s Day stirs up a lot of different emotions depending on if you are single, in a relationship or married.  All of us know that February 14th aka Valentine’s Day is the day to celebrate love.  But most of us do not know the history of Valentine’s Day or why we even celebrate it?  It all started when Saint Valentine performed a miracle and healed the blind daughter of his jailer right before his execution.  Sadly, this miracle did not spare poor Valentine his life.

Valentine’s Day traditions were also derived from ancient Roman and Christian traditions.  The Romans celebrated a feast every February called Lupercalia.  At this feast there was a ritual where young single women and men were matched.  The young singles names were placed in two separate boxes…one for men and one for women.  One name was then drawn from each box and whomever they were matched with would be their partner for a least a year.  After that, it was up to them to keep the love going.

Now that you have a little bit of history…what does Valentine’s Day mean to you?  Are you single?  Do you have a Valentine and have no idea what to get them?  Below are some tips for the sexy singles or what the perfect gift is to woo your Valentine’s heart…

Sexy Singles-

This time of year can be very hard if you are single.  But like everything in life…it is what you make it!  In order to attract the right person you need to be what you want to attract.  This is the perfect day to pamper YOU!  Because after all, YOU are your Valentine today!  Do something nice for yourself.  Treat yourself the way you would want your Valentine to treat you!  Buy yourself chocolates and flowers, make yourself a nice dinner, take a hot bubble bath.  Do anything that makes you happy and make this a day for YOU!  Take this time to enjoy your singlehood…because next year this time you will have a Valentine if that is what your heart desires.

Below are some gift ideas for those of you who have a Valentine-

Gift ideas for her:

  • Personalized photo album- Shutterfly is wonderful!
  • Write her a poem- doesn’t have to be Shakespeare sonnet, anything that can make her laugh and show her you care will do just fine
  • Plan a romantic getaway- women love a man with a plan…so plan a romantic getaway for the both of you and her heart will melt- Pick a quaint bed and breakfast that will be special for just the two of you or a wine tasting tour- they have some wonderful Valentine’s Day deals!
  • When in doubt…jewelry from Tiffany’s- you can’t go wrong!
  • And of course…Chocolate, Flowers & a Card are a MUST

Gift ideas for him:

  • Something personalized- He would love a photo album from Sutterfly too!
  • Anything custom engraved with his initials will do.  Men are very territorial and love anything that has their initials on it!  Cuff links, a money clip, etc…
  • Make him a romantic dinner.  You know the saying…the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.  Men love a woman who cooks…so cook him a romantic dinner for two at home.  A heart pizza, spaghetti (and share it like “Lady & the Tramp”), etc..  And for dessert…chocolate fondue with strawberry’s.  It doesn’t get more romantic than that.
  • Take him salsa dancing.  Salsa dancing is sexy, and what do all of us women want?  A man who can dance, be romantic and get us in the mood.  And Salsa Dancing is the perfect way to spice up your love life and have a sexy and memorable Valentine’s Day.
  • A genuine card from the heart is also appreciated.  Men like cards too!
  • And last but NOT least don’t forget to put on some sexy lingerie for your man!!  Make sure that it is RED…men LOVE RED!

So what are you waiting for?  Valentine’s Day is only a few days away, get to it!  And most of all, remember it is the thought that counts.   Try not to have too many expectations of your lover because you do not want to be disappointed.  As long as he/she does something for you and puts some thought and time into it, make sure you let him/her know that you appreciate them.  Then, make sure that you give him/her enough hints for next year so they can get you what you really get what you want 😉

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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